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TCK Art Gallery

The online TCK art gallery is a collection of art which has been created by TCK’s on the theme of ‘Home and Rootlessness.’ This is a complicated topic for TCK’s and the goal of this gallery is to explore that through art. Click on the pictures below for information and a description of the pieces. Please leave a comment on the art asking questions or saying why the piece is intriguing. A massive thank you to all who contributed.

The three in the slide show were selected as ones that stand out by TCK expert and author Michèle Phoenix.

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Terrance Owen – Field Recordings from Myanmar (Audio)

I recently made a return visit to one of my childhood homes, Myanmar; a country I’d not returned to in 27 years. read more…

Naushin Thomson – I think it’s really cool the kinds of patterns you can find in the human body and how these are mirrored in nature, so I wanted to incorporate a bit of that in this piece by merging the roots of a tree with the bronchial tree in the lungs. The tree represents my life in particular, and each little paper crane represents the places I have called home in my life so far: green for Bangladesh, yellow for Ghana, blue for Scotland.

Thanks again to all the contributors. Feel free to get in touch with them by leaving a comment or via the blog. Please follow the blog as we plan on doing more of these in the future. Don’t forget to share this on social media. Art is a very powerful tool for helping with processing complex topics, such as ‘Home and Rootlessness.’

If you are a TCK that has art that fits this theme please send it to with a one hundred word description and I will put it up.

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  1. I love this collection. I will share it on TCK Tunnel’s new Facebook Page. If any of the participants would like to share more in the future, I’d love to help showcase their work on TCK Tunnel’s page.

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